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Group Trip Planning

Organizing And Planning A Canoe Trip -
Organizing and planning a canoe trip for a larger group is a big responsibility, and we hope you'll take advantage of our assistance. We offer custom trip planning and group discounts for any groups of 8 canoes (16 participants) or more. Most of our group arrival times are 9am, 11 am. On peak weekends with confirmed reservations we also can add an 8 am & 10 am arrival times as well. Upon arrival we will get your group checked in, collect liability waivers and payment, and then have you view our safety video. Once all that is done we will shuttle you upstream to one of our put in locations. Prior to scheduling a trip you need to make a couple of choices:

  1. Decide on a trip date. For groups we recommend making a reservation 2 – 3 months prior to your proposed trip dates. If you have less than that time then be sure to call our shop to confirm that date is available.
  2. Determine estimated number of participants: We can accommodate group sizes from 2 to 50 participants in a single group.
  3. Choose your trip option (single day or multi day trips). Check our trip page of our web sites for the options. Keep in mind you should plan your trip around your weakest paddlers. So don’t book your trip on an advanced run if all are not able to handle it. When you are on the water its up to every boat to make it though each rapid on an individual basis. For the most part we recommend our easy or intermediate runs for all our groups.
  4. Once you have decided on the date, # of participants, and trip Option, call our store or place an online reservation. You will need to secure the reservation with a $20 / per boat deposit. We take credit cards & checks for this. Check out our cancellation policy for more info.

Group Discounts -
We have 2 different group discounts.
10% Discount - 15 people / 30 day notice / Monday - Friday only

The minimum requirement for group discount is 15 customers in a single group or more. We also require the reservation to be made with 30 days advance notice to allow us to properly prepare for a group of that size. Deposit must be received either by check or credit card to secure reservation. This is our incentive to come during the week and avoid the crowds.

5% Discount - 8 Boats / 7 day notice

The minimum requirement is 15 people with 7 days advance notice to allow us to properly prepare for a group of that size. Deposit must be received either by check or Credit card to secure reservation.

Liability Waivers -
Liability Waivers are required by each participant of legal age (18 or older) prior to going on any trip. Minors need parent or guardian signature on the form. Our liability waiver is available for down load on our download page. Please print out as many of these forms as you need and bring them signed to the store. This is particularly important for minors coming with out their parents or guardians. However, this needs to be received in our store before you board our shuttle up river. We will not hold up shuttles waiting for signed waivers. No signed liability waiver, no trip, no exceptions.

Accommodations -
Most of our group customers stay at one of the many local camp grounds in the area. Click on the "WHERE TO STAY" link at the top of the page to see a list local campgrounds. Several of these camp grounds accept reservations for their group camping areas which we recommend you take full advantage of. For large groups (16 participants or more), with prior notice we can send a bus to pick your group up directly from one of these camp grounds. At the end of the day we can drop you off back at the campground making the logistics easier for you.

Most groups pack a picnic lunch for the trip. There is also a well stocked convenience store across the street from our store and a local grocery store less than 1 mile from our store. If restaurants are more your style the town of Buchanan has six different restaurants with in walking distance of our store.

All pricing is listed on the TRIP tab of our web site. All prices are listed as per person plus sales tax. We are required to add 5.3% sales tax to all rentals. So individual price for standard day paddle trips range from $30 - $35 per person plus tax. For groups we prefer to receive payment from a single person, but can take payment from individuals if necessary. If your group is a designated Not For Profit corporation with a tax exempts status, we can run your trip with out charging you sales tax. Your group will need to bring with you a completed Virginia Sales Tax exempt form and payment will need to be via check or credit card on behalf of the entire group to receive the trip as tax exempt.

What to Bring:
Please arrive dressed in appropriate river clothing as our onsite changing facilities are limited. We recommend shorts and a tee shirt, and appropriate river shoes. In early spring and late fall: wool or polypropylene, sneakers, warm drinks, lunch, dry bag and change of clothes, good paddlers, and children over 12. In summer: Shorts, sneakers, cold drinks, lunch, sun block, change of clothes For footwear: we recommend old tennis shoes, river sandals with foot and ankle straps, or slip on river shoes. Definitely NO bare feet or flip flops allowed.

Good luck planning your trip!!! If you have more questions call our main store number at 540-261-7334 or send us an email to

Twin River Outfitters, Inc | Confirmed reservations required for all trips. | Email:

James River Location | Ph 540-261-7334 | 653 Lowe Street | Buchanan, VA 24066 |
Open April - October by reservation. Store hours: 9 am - 5 pm