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Two Car You Do Your Own Shuttle – We move boats rental

Two Car - You Shuttle Yourself Boat Rental, Provide Gear

Quick Details

A modified version of our most popular trips that complies with COVID-19 Virginia regulations. This trip requires your family / household group to bring two cars, you will leave a car at our take out, then drive in your own 2nd car to the put in where you will be issued gear and depart for your river based outdoor activity. After you complete the river trip, you will need to drive your second car back up and get your first car from the launch point.

Customers can choose from either a 9 mile or a 5 mile trip option. Customers taking this trip will follow our shuttle van in their own car upstream to the boat landing, at the boat landing they will be issued a clean, boat and gear then launch and paddle back down stream to our shop. As this trip ends where your second car is parked, this trip has the most flexibility on take out times so it making it a great choice for those interested in fishing along the way.

Sit-on-top single kayak
Sit-inside single kayak
Sit-on-top tandem kayak seat